Acceptance And Acceptance Methodology

22 Şubat 2017 - Çarşamba

Companies which want to utilize SAM services, and operates on any area in Turkey and World Ceramic industry (coating materials, white wairs, refractory materials, advanced ceramics, other inorganic materials, raw materials, products and semiproducts of ceramic industry), can be a collaborator of SAM if they're planning to maintain their R & D studies in a suitable way with SAM's reason of foundation, politics and aims. Nonmembers can profit from services by the decision of Executive Board if they accept "R & D Project Agreement" which includes the decisions of Executive Board.

Acceptance or rejection of collaboration request is decided in the first Executive Board meeting by consideration of companies' written requests to SAM General Management.

Collaboration Criterias: 

• Company which is applied to collaboration must operate in ceramic industry as a legal entity,

• Company must has the ability of providing collaboration obligations,

• There must not be a negative opinion about the confidence of the company which is applied to collaboration, 

• There must not be a conflict that had caused any halt during the work between SAM and company at previous membership or cooperations, 

• If any previous dispute exists, this dispute must not be caused from improper actions against the SAM's policies, aim, objectives and requirements of R & D Project Contract,

• Problem should not have occured due to the following reasons; violation of intellectual property rights, disobeying to non-disclosure/ impartiality/independency criterias,

If collaboration application is approved, collaboration with SAM will be accepted in anytime within the year. There are four different collaboration types as A, B, C and Associated. Companies can participate in any group that they require as a collaborator. Payments for the collaboration, yearly subscription fees and service costs are determined by Executive Board.

Current costs for memberships 


In the situation of SAM's Executive Board declining the collaboration application, application owner's legal entity delegate has the right to object for reviewal of the application. In acceptance condition, standard collaboration process is put into practice. If the request is rejected, a written explanation is sent to the company.

The companies whose legal entities are outside the Republic of Turkey, but want to be collaborators with SAM are subjected to evaluation of collaboration with the same circumstances, and their collaboration request is accepted or rejected. Through the result of evaluation, "R & D Project Agreement" is signed with the collaborator company. In this contract related with the company's activity subject, all the necessary R & D support by the Center provision to produce technological information, developing new processes for their products and production methods, improving product quality and increasing standarts, increasing efficiency, reducing the production costs, adapting to the new and advanced technologies terms are defined for the both sides.

Unless otherwise is requested by the company, the collaboration continues in the same scope of collaboration group for the next years.

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