Our Aims

21 Şubat 2017 - Salı

SAM is founded in order to realize the aims listed below:

• Creating a collaborative network between universities and companies in ceramic industry, researching and developing, and letting others research and develop subjects that ceramic industry and other related industries are in need of.

• Providing knowledge about these subjects. 

• Using universities' research potential in sense of industrial needs by collaborating with universities in research projects; tempting, increasing and spreading university industry collaboration. 

• Contributing to educate alumni experienced in industrial research subjects. 

• By the agency of main and practical researches, supplying continuous interaction of ceramic companies and universities in technological creativity and industrial development areas, thus; having a pie in increase of sector's international competition power. 

• Making innovation in products and production methods that increases ceramic sector's competition, increasing product quality or product standards, attempting to support test/analysis, education and other services needed for R & D studies, 

• Providing technological support and education service to the sector, arranging meetings like seminars, conferences, panels, publishing educative/informative information when needed, 

• Providing analysis and accredited standard test services to the sector 

• Giving support to the sector in compliance of the context of national and international technical regulations assesment of compliance work. 

• Furnishing sectoral laboratory/verification services, 

• Making studies to supply obligatory product tests to be performed according to the standards of the concerned country that Turkish ceramic sector exports product. 

• Following current standards, 

• Supporting companies in CE marking studies, supplying the necessary construction with this concern and furnishing analysis/test services, 

• Supplying control services according to acceptance criterias of raw materials, by-products, and products, in order to support ceramic sector in R & D studies. 

• According to the sector's requirements, tracking developments, applications and enforcements in other countries and informating and directing the sector about the issues, 

• With other similar foundations, evaluating union opportunities with international union, federation and confederations. 

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