Mutual Projects And Innovative Projects

22 Şubat 2017 - Çarşamba

Mutual projects are determined with concensus of Technical Board Members and approved by Executive Board. As the projects are determined, technological appliance potential is considered both in Technical and Executive Board. The member organizations' agents who would like to be assigned are defined in the Technical Board meetings if possible. The consultants help projects to obey project calender, supply the projects to be suitable for industrial applications and provide project results be applied by getting regular information from academical consultants about the project's condition. According to the requirements of the collaborator companies and decision of R & D Coordinator, the concern of the project, project calender, and staff who will be charged for the project are identified. As SAM personnel can be assigned for the projects, also university's academic staff can take charge in according to their area of expertise. For the projects which are accepted in Executive Board, academic consultants are determined by R&D Coordinator. Academic consultants prepare project proposal in a format determined in the project proposal form. After industrial consultants' suggestions are also considered, the proposal is presented to R & D Coordinator. The project gets started after the proposal is examined. The term of the mutual projects is determined according to their concern.

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