Project Notification

22 Şubat 2017 - Çarşamba


Projects realized in SAM organization are generally seperated into 3 groupsMutual Projects and Innovative Projects:

Due to the technological requirements and demands of the sector, mutual projects are implemented with attendance of companies' R & D department responsibles. The results are shared with all collaborator companies. Innovative projects are carried out for supplying companies in the sector to compete in the world market by improving their raw materials, semi-products and products. Such projects can be sold to collaborator/non-collaborator companies and derives income to SAM Bu projelerde, ortak yarar projelerinde geçerli olan sistematik geçerlidir. The systematics valid in mutual projects are also valid in these projects.

Dual Projects:

These projects can be requested by collaborator or non-collaborator companies. Since these projects are involved with a privacy agreement, the results are only shared with the concerned company.

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